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Blood Painted Art

Artist Piotr Uklański has gotten some widespread attention with his latest contemporary artwork collection which is completely comprised of blood painted canvas.  All of Piotr’s latest paintings are painted with blood; yes real blood and some ink where necessary.

In an effort to find what the artist called “more unique angles” for his work, he began working on a collection of blood painted canvas pieces almost seven years ago. In a recent interview with ArtNews the Artist said, “I’m sick of skulls that talk about death, and Karma Sutra woodcuts representing sex.” (Uklański, 2014)

Many of his pieces in the collection have yet to be seen, but they all follow suit with the rest; blood splatters and scenes completely painted in crimson shades of blood. The walls of Piotr’s studio are busied with various plastic-bagged printouts of “blood” paintings adorned by sticky notes recalling  the titles. The studio has been said to remind one of a crime scene investigation.

When Piotr was asked what gave him the idea for this collection, he said that an upcoming show he was to be featured at, The Dallas Contemporary, gave him the freedom to do whatever he preferred. He then began on his blood painted series.

He chose blood as a reaction to post-war works he’d noticed in art collections around Dallas, Texas. Specifically, Piotr noted that works by Rothko and Gutai, Artists with collections in the Dallas area, tried to sublimate the violence of World War II. The Artist said he wanted to “re-introduce some of the violence to the landscape”.(Uklański, 2014)

Piotr Uklański will have two shows at the Met, both running concurrent from March 16, 2015, through August 16, 2015.

The Artist was asked at the conclusion of an interview, what ideas he would like to leave with the visitors who viewed his paintings. To this he said, “That we all make the flowers grow.”

Piotr Uklański Art
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