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The Importance of Art Remains Unchanged

art develops learning skills in youthSince the dawn of time long before books were even thought of and the capability to print them was even further out of reach, the study of art has been a fundamental part of our life. In the early evolution of our civilization when the alphabet didn’t even exist yet, art was used to communicate and to share experiences and one’s history with future generations by drawings in caves, on rock walls, and later on murals in royal cathedrals. In fact Art was the only way people knew how to transfer a message any length of distance either time or space.

Art is a communicator of many things; history, experience, teachings, emotions, and inner perceptions that are not easily expressed with words. Art has been in existence longer than any other tool used in history for communication, but this is not the only use of art.

In the early medieval century, the study of Art was included as one of the seven core subjects deemed a necessity for achieving scholarly education. Scholars, theologians, and even the church powers that ruled our early world, all agreed on the powerful skills that studying art develops in humans.

This still hold very true today and recently the value of the arts and arts education program’s importance were addressed . Backed by years of research and developmental studies, the findings shows that “participation in the arts – music, visual arts, dance or drama/theatre, design, lead to higher levels of self-confidence, persistence, civic engagement, creativity, problem-solving ability and critical thinking skills in students.”(Art Smart, NCLS)

The need for further funding and programs designed to bolster these strengths in students is a real issue. When budget cuts are made, often they try to cut funding form the arts programs first. Recent education meetings to address this lack of funding and generate more high-quality art programs to enhance our children’s abilities have been underway.

Many respected foundations in support of the arts have pledged support by offering funding and additional art education programs. The Americans for the Art Foundation will be donating $10,000 to 10 schools in the selected states for the duration of 3 years; California, Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Wyoming. This is only one of the many supporters who will be contributing.

To learn more about the different foundations that will be joining the efforts to further art education for our future generations, check out the latest news on the issue here.

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4 Different Styles of Art Featured at Fine Art Maya

Fine Art Maya Gallery -Disambiguation“Disambiguation”

There are so many different expressions and styles of art that it would be nearly impossible for a complete presentation of all the art styles in one article. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on just four styles of art featured at Fine Art Maya.


Flora art is a type of art that captures all plant life occurring in an area or from a time period, especially the naturally occurring or indigenous plant life. Flora is from the Latin language, Flora.  In ancient Roman mythology it means “the goddess of flowers”.

Flora Fine art at Fine Art Maya “Blue Assemblies”


Fauna is a style of art that depicts animal life in a given area. Fauna refers to all of the animal life of any particular region or time-frame in nature.

The name Fauna comes from a Roman fertility and earth goddess, the Roman God Faunus, and the related forest spirits called “Fauns”.

Fauna art at Fine Art Maya Gallery“Preening Gull at Dusk- Red-billed Gull”


ImpressionsBeach Cobbles Impressions Fine Art are a style of art that captures the image of an object as someone would see it if they just caught a glimpse of it. Impressionist artist generally paint the pictures with a lot of color and often times the pictures capture outdoor scenes.

Impression art is usually very bright and vibrant. This type of art originated in the late 1800s, in Paris, and eventually started the Impressionism movement.  Impressionism styles of art are characterized by small, quick brush strokes and bright vibrant colors.

Impressionist painting strives to re-create a person’s or the artist’s general impression of a place or a scene. The purpose of impressions artwork is to convey experience by capturing fleeting impressions of reality or of a mood. So, essentially it is capturing the impression given and relaying this impression perceived into an art form, such as painting.

“Beach Cobbles”



Naturescapes are used to highlight a particular
element of nature, regardless of the surrounding setting.

Naturescapes are beautiful depictions of natures landscapes, highlighting how truly extravagant our natural world is. Naturescapes are a very popular form of art  because of their ability to bring the beauty out in something very simple and often overlooked; sky, clouds, ocean, mountains, leaves and all things naturally occurring in natures landscaping.


Naturescapes Art at Fine Art Maya Gallery

“Celestial Zoom”