Exhibition / Fairs

Current Exhibitions
2018From Jaunary 10th-14th, Fine Art Maya – LA Art Show 2018 https://www.artsy.net/show/fine-art-maya-fine-art-maya-at-la-art-show-2018
Past Exhibitions
2017From February 16-19, we will be at Art Palm Springs near Palm Springs www.art-palmsprings.com with works by Talieh Kesh, the Nonos, Manss Aval
2017From March 16-19, we will be at Spectrum Indian Wells near Palm Springs in California. spectrum-indianwells.com with works by Talieh Kesh, the Nonos, Manss Aval
2017From April 21-24, we will be at Artexpo New York at Pier 94 in New York City. http://artexponewyork.com/
2017November 2-5, Art San Diego http://art-sandiego.com/
2017December 6-10, 2017 Red Dot Miami http://reddotmiami.com/
2017December 6-10, 2017 Scope Miami Beach https://www.artsy.net/show/fine-art-maya-scope-miami-beach-2017
2016November 30-December 4, Red Dot Miami Art Show, Miami Beach.
2016November 3-6, solo show, Art San Diego, San Diego.
2016October 8-23, ArT Venice 2016 “San Servolo un’isola per l’arte“, Venice.
2016October 4-29, 4th International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Berlin.
2016September 30-October 15, Bushwick Open International Chapter, New York.
20162016 September 16-30, Premio Arte Roma 2016, Rome.
2016September 8-15, International Artexpo 2016 Milan, East End Studios Milan (Spazio Antologico).
2016May, Salon Art Shopping, Contemporary Art Exposition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
2016April, Artexpo, New York.
2016March, Spectrum Indian Wells, Palm Springs, California.
2016January, 25th Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition, Los Angeles.
2015July, ArtMonaco, Monaco.
2015May, Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo.
2015May, RomArt 2015, International Biennial of Art and Culture, Rome.
2015April, Artexpo, New York.
2014December, BCN ART 2014 Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona.
2014December, Spectrum Miami Fair, Miami Beach, FL.
2013November, Art San Diego 2013, San Diego, CA.
Upcoming Exhibitions