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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A’ DESIGN AWARD COMPETITION HONORS DESIGNER MANSS AVAL Conjugates Art by Manss Aval, Manss Aval Fine Art is Winner in the Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Category, 2016 – 2017.

SAN DIEGO (May 5, 2017) – Professional photographer and visual artist MANSS AVAL of San Diego was presented by the Como. Italy-based A’ Design Award & Competition Award in the Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Category for his project “Conjuagtes” by the 173-person grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and established professionals. Out of over 35 thousand project submissions from over 180 nations Manss Aval’s design was one of the few selected category winners.


Manss Aval, the creator of the awarded photography design work Conjugates explains “This project deals with the inherent beauty of geometric constructs. Photographs of real objects are used to explore how nominally inanimate geometric elements can morph into moving, transforming, three-dimensional constructs. Here ordinary spirals can assume dynamic shapes with a flexible and growing, multigonal boundary of abundant complexity and depth and the viewer’s eyes embark on a journey that draws them to multiple locations. Complexity in deceiving simplicity.”

“Among the countless modern artists who have focused on geometry are Frank Stella, Ilya Bolotowsky, Robert Hudson, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, and Victor Vasarely. The majority of these prior artists employed paintings as their preferred medium. The greatest challenge was to find a new photography-based and distinct, aesthetically pleasing, two-dimensional format. The “virtual animation” alluded to above could not be presented in an explicit, stepwise fashion with accompanying “blue prints”. It needed to be kept minimalist and merely suggestive of the transformations and simultaneously meet critical objectives of appropriate composition, color and rendering.” View the award winning design here.

Design Team for “Conjugates” Conjugates was realized by Manss Aval.


The A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 20% percentile designs that have delivered an exemplary level of quality in design. Entries to the A’ Photography Design Awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand jury panel of leading academics, important press members and experienced professionals. Nominated photography designs are voted on pre-determined evaluation criteria to highlight only the leading photography design works. In addition to reaching top international media, A’ Photography Design Award winners are listed at World Design Rankings (worlddesignrankings.com), are highlighted at Design Classification (designclassifications.com) platform and are showcased at DesignMag.org which lists the best designs from all countries in all disciplines.


A’ Photography Design Award aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best photography designs and greatest photography design concepts worldwide. The A’ Design Accolades are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience. The ultimate aim of the A’ photography Design Competition is to create a global awareness for good design. Learn more: http://www.whatisadesignaward.com


Manss Aval’s art and photography is gaining increasing recognition in the art world with over 50 prestigious international awards. His work has been exhibited in over 90 international shows, including the Louvre in Paris.

In the words of one critic, “Aval’s gripping photography always evokes deep emotions in the viewer”. Another critic notes “Aval redefines the boundaries between photography and painting, creating powerful images, where the painting technique is inspired by the artifacts and camouflage effects of the camera”.

Learn more at: www.manssaval.com. Manss Aval’s work is exclusively represented by Fine Art Maya.

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