Manss Aval Clothing Line Expands

Clothing-line-by-Artist-Manss-AvalArtist Manss Aval announced last year he was launching his first line of art-printed clothing, including accessories. Artistically designed prints have been transformed into a georgous assortment of women’s garments, scarves, handbags, totes, and even pillows.

This year, Manss Aval has been busy participating in numerous art exhibitions, fine art photography  contests and adding more items to his beautiful clothing line collection.

Artist Designed Tapestries — Featuring brilliant color and crisp prints, VIDA custom-made tapestries infuse any room with effortless originality. Available in three sizes, Manss Aval’s tapestries make subtle, sophisticated accents or bold conversation pieces.

Artist Designed Prints turned into tapastries

See Artist Manss Aval’s clothing collection here.