Manss Aval selected for the 2017 Global Art Awards in Dubai

Global Art Awards 2017

Artist Manss Aval selected for the upcoming Global Art Awards 2017 being held November 17, 2017 at Armani Hotel Dubai.

The Global Art Awards in Dubai will happen on November 17, 2017 at the Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel Dubai.  The Global Art Awards recognize international artists and talented art. The Global Art Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition for the achievements and positive contributions of artists, galleries, and art professionals worldwide.

Awarding the outstanding artist live to the public and press, giving the winners the recognition that they deserve, boosting their career and a ‘Best Global Artist’ title to claim for the rest of their career.

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The first ever large-scale ‘The Global Art Awards’ Ceremony will be hosted at a most exquisite venue in the heart of Dubai – the Armani Hotel Ballroom with a Gala Dinner Award ceremony event, including:

Art exhibition, cocktail reception, 3-course set menu a la carte dinner by Armani, Talks and Speeches, Guest-of-Honours, the Awards Ceremony itself, Dj, After-Party and much more, all of this in the heart of glamorous Dubai!

There are 18 Global Art Awards categories for the Visual Arts. Stay tuned for more info and vote for Manss Aval before November 17, 2017!

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