Manss Aval in Venice Art Exhibition, Vita Tua, Vita Mea

Artist Manss Aval is currently being featured in the Vita Tua, Vita Mea Art and Interrelations CON-TEMPORARY7, an ongoing art exhibition in Venice, Italy. The Artists work will be on display from August 5 – 25, 2017.

As stated on the exhibition’s website, Vita Tua, Vita Mea is an art inspired event, one not to be missed. “Observatory articulated in a series of exhibitions dedicated to artists contextualized in the contemporary international artistic panorama, that are the reference elements with which a course of knowledge and historical can be followed, proposing a concise yet accurate view on the modern expressions of Art.”

The CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium was born either for the need to offer to collectors and lovers a vision that is attentive and directly involved in the art world, that today has deeply mutated for the epochal social, economical and technological changes, and also to put in relation and to follow the artists’ personal paths, promoting the collaboration for the engagement in this context that would be otherwise too dispersive.

Many collectors have come to understand that instability and turbulence are the main characteristics of the contemporary historic context, in which art above all has seen the crumbling of certainties and expectations of collectors and art lovers, which have been unfulfilled cause of a deliberately speculative system. But the causes of the evident effects on the market, must be searched in the sphere of semiotics, because contemporary culture dissolved cause of the relativism brought by globalisation, where paradoxically the public interest tends to escape the homogeneous diversification, then agglutinating in centres of absolute power, which thus increase more and more their own chances to conduct masses’ attention toward what is in their exclusive interest.

Pondering, the collectors will need no help to realise that such a speculative system surely can not play in their favour, it can not do their interest. Thus they will have to contrast that tendency on their own and with their own strengths, diversifying it, creating their own centre of personal interest, starting from their own delight, imposing their own necessary egotism, supporting the more semiotically motivated artists, who can guarantee to the works of art the solid and fundamental support of an intellectual value that is superior to the inconsistency and the variability of the market. – Con-Temporary Art Observatorium

To get ticket information and directions to the exhibition visit the Con-Temporary Art Ovservatorium website here.