Manss Aval’s ‘Tyroid’ Lands Finalist, Jury Selection at Art Parma

Tyroid by Manss Aval
Tyroid by Manss Aval
Artist Manss Aval was awarded Finalist designation for his artwork, ‘Tyroid‘ (left), which was on display at the Art Parma Fair and featured in the  Biancoscuro Art Online Magazine, here.

Manss Aval’s work was selected by  jury for this honorable designation. In total 25 Artists were selected to participate in the group exhibition at the renowned Art Parma Fair in Milan.

The  group exhibition was held on February25 and 26  and again on March 3-5, 2017  at the renowned art fair Art Parma.

The exhibited artists at the prestigious group exhibition were:

Arianna Angelini
Adele Arati
Manss Aval
Nadia Buroni
Luciano Caggianello
Mark Cattaneo
Franco Cola
Gianni Depaoli
Pieralberto Filippi
Katia Longoni
Roberto Parmagnani
Federica Pecoraro Scanio
Ivan Pili
Mirko Roncelli
Dario Sgarzini
Giulia Sollazzo.