Nonos at the 2017 Art Austria Art Show, Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.10.51 AMArtistic sister-duo, Nonos, displayed their talented work at the historic Art Austria Art Show for it’s 10th year in Vienna.

For the tenth year, Art Austria 2017 drew together exhibitors whose focus was on artwork and artists from Austria. 43 Exhibitors exhibited their work on two floors of the Garden Palace Liechtenstein during March 2017. The art show will display a total of approx. 1,400 works of all genres from 20th century art to the present.

The fact that Art Austria takes place in the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein, which at the same time houses one of the most important private collections in the world, namely that of the Prince of Liechtenstein, underscores the high quality requirements in the exhibition presentation.

Art Austria was particularly interesting this year as it re-positioned itself in the historical rooms of the Garden Palace Liechtenstein – as these spaces have long housed the Museum of Modern Art. The spatial situation is extremely interesting and suitable to focus on Austrian art. The Art Austria is one of the few art events in Austria, where art dealers and galleries gather in such a spectacular and historical meeting place.

This mix is also taken into account in the trade fair architecture. In the baroque hall you will find an area where artisans feel particularly at home; The ground floor, and in the extended frame the hall in the Rosengarten, is reserved to the best domestic galleries.

“Here we are particularly proud of world-class galleries exhibiting at important exhibitions such as Art Basel: Galerie Krinzinger and Galerie Nächste St. Stephan. Galerie Krinzinger impresses with an eye-catching booth designed by the artist duo Hanakam & Schuller and curated by Angela Stief.”

Lifestyle, art in the green and culinary cuisine are just a few of the reasons Art Austria is back for it’s 10th year. Hosted at the breathtaking garden of the Palais, Art Austria is one unique art event not to miss.

The garden of the Palais is one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna. With the sculpture garden and the corresponding gastronomy, the visitors of Art Austria can spend an entire day exploring the Kunstmesse as well as the magnificent outdoor facilities surrounding.

Art Austria cares deeply about the well-being of all guests including our children visitors. Children are welcome guests and can play heart-warming games at the children’s playground which is located just a few meters from the Palais.

Lifestyle, fun and good cuisine makes the 10th Annual Art Austria a cultural event for the whole family. Catering will be provided by the finest high-level cafes in the Vienna area.

More from the Art Austria website:

The centerpiece of the trade fair on the ground floor is an impressive counter-display of the splendid carriage from 1738 with contemporary art: the one of Prince Joseph Wenzel I of Liechtenstein for his official move as Ambassador of Emperor Charles VI. In Paris (and Versailles), Kutsche represents an extremely exciting counterpoint to the work of Lichtkünstlerin Brigitte Kowanz, who is also represented at the Biennale.

The works to be seen at Art Austria (Messestand Krinzinger) bear the titles “Cognition”, “Extension” and “Outshine”. The three neon inscriptions are based on the manuscript of the artist. This removes itself strongly from the legibility. The writings chant between readability and illegibility. Kowanz’s work deals with line, rhythm and coding; It is particularly interested in translation and transformation processes.”

“Her opposite presents Galerie Next St. Stephan’s latest works by Herbert Brandl. Brandl’s paintings impress with strong presence, originality and power of coloring, his painting oscillates on the narrow ridge between abstraction and figuration. His mountain, forest, River or even hyena pictures are always also airy, colored luminous, abstract compositions opposite. When Herbert Brandl brings nature and its moods into play, painting and nature are touched in moments such as light, movement, perpetual energy and time. As a result, his works impress with space, atmosphere and lighting, they are compact, visual events of great pictorial freedom and visionary images of imaginary depth.”

“Gallery MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art shows an excavator, staged by Markus Hofer – we are especially proud that this work has been specially created for Art Austria and will attract all the visitors to the farm. Markus Hofer’s work is also being received more and more internationally. He recently received the “Directors Award” at “Sculpture on the Sea” in Perth / Australia.:

Baha Fine Art Kunsthandel shows Friedensreich Hundred Water’s “Flight of the Inner Heaven”, an extremely rare 1975 work in mixed technique.

The gallery at Albertina Zetter, with its presentation at Art Austria, focuses entirely on the “classics” of the avant-garde after 1945 and on contemporary art. Max Weiler, Markus Prachensky and Gunter Damisch are the ones in which abstraction has developed in Austria.

At Galerie Sylvia Kovacek we can admire new works by the artist Sabine J. Wiedenhofer this year. The artist is not only very successful in Austria: at the Biennale special show “Glasstress” in Venice her latest glass works are shown together with international art stars such as Aiweiwei, Tony Cragg or Erwin Wurm.

TEFAF participants Johannes Faber presents Irene Andessner’s “Donne Illustri” an exciting contrast to the Venezuelan “Sala degli Uomini Illustri”, where 10 oil paintings by Giulio Carlini (1826-1887) hang. In his post-painted portraits of the famous Venetians – from Marco Polo to Tizian to Goldoni – Irene Andessner confronts ten Venetians, including the famous composer Barbara Strozzi, the painter (Rosalba Carriera) and the most expensive courtesan (Veronica Franco).

Sculpture gardens

Another highlight of the show is the sculpture garden curated by Dagmar Chobot, which takes its place in front of the Garden Palace. A total of 20 sculptures of world rank was selected by the curator and expert of her area of expertise for the 10th Art Austria, including a few masterpieces that have long been out of sight and can be bought at Art Austria.

With sculptures by:
 Walter Moroder, Erwin Wurm, Karl Karner, Josef Pillhofer, Andreas Judge, Peter Dörflinger, Bruno Gironcoli, Andreas Reiter Raabe, Joannis Avramidis, Giovanni Rindler, Hans Kupelwieser, Lois Anvidalfarei, Thomas Stimm, Herbert Albrecht, Christian Eisenberger, Jakob Gasteiger, Mario Dalpra, Barbara Szüts, Markus Hofer, Hiking Bertoni.

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Source: Art Austria