Fine Art Maya Artist Spotlight: Manss Aval



Fine Art Maya is a Fine Art Gallery located in San Diego, CA that features talented artwork from a select group of Artists  gifted in bringing fine art to life.

Without our Artists, Fine Art Maya would not exist and because of this we are continuing a series of Artist spotlights to recognize and appreciate our talented Artists.

This week we are pleased to feature Artist Manss Aval, one of the first Artists to display their art at the gallery.

Manss Aval

Manss moved at a tender age to Germany where he stayed to attend college, then he traveled on to Canada where he completed his degrees in Vancouver and finally to San Diego.

Manss Aval presently concentrates on painting, photography, and sculptures and has a broad set of skills with backgrounds in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

A Nature enthusiast, Manss dedicated much time studying wildlife to captivate movements in time and space, creating enchanted sceneries with animals at center stage. His works levitate between fantasy and mysterious quantum space, leaving the viewer in meditative explorations of familiar memories, dreams and perhaps alien realities. His work feature a distinctly natural quality, full of soft, energetic shapes, earth tones, and subtle, vibrant colors and present a unique intersection of arts and science.

Manss has exhibited widely in over 70 juried solo and group shows from New York, to Barcelona, Florence, London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and the Louvre Museum. His work is recognized by over 50 national and international awards, including these recently presented awards: Monochrome Photography Awards, 2016; Gala Awards, 8th Edition of the Pollux Awards, 2016; 10th Annual Black & White Spider Awards Nominee, 2015; Donkey Art Prize 3, finalist, 2015; Gala Awards, 7th Edition of the Pollux Awards and The Primary Colors Photography Competition, 2015; Art Quench Magazine, Featured Artist, November 2015; Arthur International Magazine’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, 2015 and many more.

In addition to  Manss Aval’s artwork at the gallery and around the world, he also shares his work on his website,

Fine Art Maya Artist Spotlight: Uwe Arendt

Monolith_03_large by  Uwe

Fine Art Maya is honored to be able to work with such highly skilled, gifted and truly inspiring artists at our San Diego Fine Art Gallery. Too often people can get caught up in their own endeavors and forget to truly acknowledge talent when they encounter it.

So today, we are taking a moment to acknowledge one deeply inspiring and gifted artist, Uwe Arendt, whose work and creative ability are a blessing for all those who encounter it.

Uwe Arendt

Born in 1945, Uwe spent his formative years in Vienna, Austria, and entered the professional School for Graphic Design at 15. He frequented the Kaffee Havelca, a popular hangout for artists, where he was exposed to leaders of the Vienna School of Surrealists, including Hundertwasser, Leherb, Fuchs and others.

At night he studied with a leading graphic designer and in his spare time drew inspirations from earlier Viennese masters, Gustav Klimt, and his favorite, Egon Schiele. He was particularly enthralled with Schiele’s line work and his edgy composition style.

After graduating from design school Uwe relocated to Seattle and launched his own design firm. He specialized in creating logo designs, strategic branding concepts and corporate designs for regional and national companies.

Now Uwe Arendt is poised to undertake his final challenge: the artistic expression of universal themes that resonate with all people. He creates layered and iconic portraits that draw from all aspects of his background, his youth in Vienna, his career as a graphic artist and life in the Pacific Northwest.

Manss Aval at Venice OpenArtCode 2016

Artist Manss Aval’s talented artwork was recently on display at the OpenArtCode Venice 2016. The event featured a collective of talent coming from a number of different countries across the globe. Each year the OpenArtCode or OAC art events draw in thousands of visitors, art collectors and art lovers.

Manss Aval featured two of his highly acclaimed pieces in the OpenArtCode exhibit; Bellagio Sails II (left) and I Colori Di Venezia
Bellagio Sails II by Manss Aval

Open Art Code is composed of a group of renowned artists who have very different technical styles and their artistic formation is varied. They have united their talents in the past to exhibit together in Paris at the Grand Palais, in Monaco at the Auditorium Rainier III, at the Oxo Gallery on the River Thames in London and in Shanghai at Pudong Library and CEIBS.

Palazzo Franchetti, on the Grand Canal, is situated in the most visited area of Venice, near the Galleria dell’Accademia and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. It is in the main cultural center in Venice where the famous Teatro La Fenice, Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Fortuny and Ca’ Rezzonico are also located. The Accademia bridge, is the bridge more crossed in Venice. The exhibition space will be at the main floor of Palazzo Franchetti and all the rooms comply with the standards defined by the International Council of Museums.

To see more Art by Manss Aval, visit his website at

Check out some photos from the event on Flickr.

Highlights from the 2016 Art Expo New York Exhibition

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.07.48 PM

Art Expo New York is an annual fine art destination for artists, collectors, art dealers, and art lovers from around the world. This year was no different and to hear visitor’s share their experiences from this years event, the 2016 Art Expo New York was spectacular.

Each year thousands of art industry insiders flock to Artexpo New York in search of the art and artists that will shape trends in galleries worldwide. Hosting more than 25,000 avid art enthusiasts annually, we’re the largest international gathering of qualified trade buyers—including gallery owners and managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers and art & framing retailers.

Recap from Art Expo New York 2016

Highlights from Day 1

Highlights from Day 2




Sources: Video footage, Recap of Art Expo 2016 by Crumlic Media for Art Expo New York

Image: Screenshot from video footage by Crumlic Media for Art Expo New York

Fine Art Maya at Art San Diego 2016 — Nov. 3–6, Balboa Park

The talented Artists of Fine Art Maya will be participating in the upcoming 2016 Art San Diego art exhibition later this year.  Art San Diego is a juried contemporary art show featuring publishers, galleries, and studios representing talented established artists. The event will feature artists from all over the world and in an unusual turn of events, it will actually take place in Fine Art Maya’s neck of the woods! Most often the Artists at the San Diego based gallery participate in events that are held outside of their local areas. The San Diego Art exhibition will be a nice change from this and will give the artists the opportunity to stay local and to share their artwork with their community too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.59.57 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.58.53 PMArt San Diego is a  juried, contemporary art show in the heart of southern California featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. The show features over 500 leading contemporary artists, museum exhibitions, art labs, events, and talks focused on collecting. Now in its seventh year, the four-day event attracts over 15,000 high-net-worth collectors. Make sure and attend this event for an unforgettable four days of cutting-edge art, entertainment, and special events.

Since its inception in 2009, Art San Diego has enriched the city’s arts scene beyond measure. As the only contemporary fine art show in San Diego, ASD has become one of the leading cultural events in Southern California and has inspired attendees from all over the world with its  site-specific art projects, art talks and panel discussions, specially selected emerging artists, special events, and more. Taking place in a beautiful gallery-style venue in the heart of Balboa Park. ASD 2016 aims to play a key role in the park’s rich array of cultural events, nurturing and strengthening San Diego’s art scene with a dynamic agenda.


The scenic Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre cultural and recreational oasis in the heart of San Diego, sets the stage for Art San Diego 2016. Taking place in the 60,000-square-foot Balboa Park Activity Center, the show runs amidst Balboa Park’s wide variety of museums, exhibitions, performing arts, world-famous gardens, recreational facilities, restaurants, and other attractions that serve over 12 million visitors annually. Designed by award-winning architect Rob Wellington Quigley, the Activity Center represents the first new large construction in Balboa Park since the 1960s.

Join Us

Art San Diego is the place to be from November 5–8, 2015. Art San Diego is a juried art show located in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park that highlights an international slate of artists and galleries. Join us for a four-day fine art experience, featuring music, entertainment, and other special programming and events.

Purchase tickets to the 2016 Art San Diego here.



Source: Art San Diego

Image: screenshot captured via Art San Diego

Salon Art Shopping, Contemporary Art Exposition in Paris

400-400-46633-manssaval-aquasense-2k Artist Manss Aval will be sharing his artwork at the upcoming Salon Art Shopping Contemporary Art Exposition at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris.

The Salon Art Shopping Contemporary Art Exposition allows artist lovers the pleasure of previewing and hoping the latest trends in contemporary art all in one spot. The event features more than 600 artists and galleries participating from all over the world – Argentina, Brazil, China, Korea, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia … and not to mention artists from all across France! The show is a spectacular event to experience and truly a must see.

The art exposition kicks off May 27-29, 2016, with public access open: 
Saturday, May 28: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 29: 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The show will be at the Carrousel du Louvre99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

About Manss Aval

400-400-46634-manssaval-north-star30x30Manss Aval’s work centers on contour, structure, symmetry and tactility, and features a distinctly natural quality, full of soft, energetic shapes, earth tones, and subtle, vibrant colors. His works present a unique intersection of arts and science.

His works involve subject matter derived from reality, be it Nature or his social environment. Each piece has a specific subject and intent, often illustrating subject matter or objects open to multiple interpretations or reflect on a current social issue. He concentrates on painting, photography, and sculptures and has a broad set of skills with backgrounds in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

Check out this video from a recent show, Salon Art Shopping Exposition at the Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris – October 2015

Welte Sisters, Creators of NONOS, to join Fine Art Maya

Fine Art Maya is proud to announce the addition of two new talented artists from Austria who will be joining the collective talent at the fine art gallery in San Diego.  Sisters Franziska and Mercedes Welte, well known for their breathtaking sculptures, have recently signed with the gallery and will be displaying their beautiful artwork in the gallery as well as upcoming art exhibitions. Shows include the Art San Diego and Red Dot Miami shows happening later this year.


The two sisters have been creating art under the cloak pseudonym of “NONOS” nine years ago. Read more about the two talented sisters here on the NONOS website.

About NONOS Sisters Franziska and Mercedes Welte have been artistically active under their pseudonym NONOS for some years. They create their sculptures from combinations of various metals, polymers, fibre glass, epoxy resin and non-fading pigments. Filigree and at the same time extremely dynamic, the artists arrange their sculptures for dance and involve the spectator in a thrilling ensemble of colour, form and movement.

NONOS  personify cheeky elegance and symbolize sensuality, power and spontaneity. Besides their work in the sculptural area the sisters are also active in the fields of painting and photography. The list of international displays ranges from Berlin over New York, Shanghai, Malta, Vienna, Amsterdam and Florida to Taipei.

Artists Banksy & Ai Wei Wei use their Art to Raise Awareness

Banksy.on.the.thekla.arp.jpgLast week we shared some truly unique creations by an artist very close to the Syrian refugee crisis.

In a similar spirit of artistic expression,  our focus this week is on two Artists; Ali Weiwei and Banksy, who have also used their artistic talents as powerful tools in expressing their heartbreak over the ongoing Syrian Refugee crisis.

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist and political activist of unverified identity. Recently, the mysterious artist, who is most well known for his unique graffiti and outdoor art with deep social undertones, has used his latest art to speak out against the treatment of Syrian refugees.

Banksy’s art depicts the young girl from Les Miserables in a cloud of tear gas, her eyes swollen and tears running down here face. The image was strategically painted on a wall across the street and directly facing the French Embassy in London. The artist also painted a scannable QR code on the left bottom corner of the artwork. Including a QR codes in his graffiti art is said to be a first for Banksy. Upon scanning the code, it directs viewers to a  video on youtube that captures a  police raid in the Calias “Jungle” earlier this year.   To view more art by Banksy, visit the Artist’s website here.

Art by Banksy


Ai Wei Wei is an artist and Chinese activist who’s art has drawn the attention of people all around the world. Recently, Ai Wei Wei recreated a horrific scene of a Syrian toddler who died on the beach during the ongoing Syrian Refugee crisis. Ai Wei Wei recreated the scene “to keep the attention on the continued plight of refugees entering Europe”(Think Progress).

Ai Wei Wei has a history of using his artistic expressions in art to raise awareness for important issues.

Art by Ai Wei Wei



Top: Artwork by Banksy on the Thekla 

Image screenshot 1 The Telegraph, Art by Banksy

Image screenshot 2: Think Progress , Art by Ai Wei Wei

Syrian Refugee Art Created with Pebbles

A rare, yet telling collection of Art created by a Syrian Artist, Nizar Ali Badr, during the refugee crisis on a French beach near Calais.

The following pieces of artwork do not belong to Fine Art Maya or any artist associated with Fine Art Maya. This exquisitely emotional art belongs solely to it’s creator. No copyright infringement is intended.

We wanted to share the artists creations with the world so that perhaps viewers can see his emotions through his art and enjoy his creations. See more of this talented Artist’s work here or here on Facebook.

By artist Nizar Ali Badr

By artist Nizam Ali Badr

art made out of pebbled during the Syrian refugee crisis

Art by Syrian Artist evokes emotion

About Nizar Ali Badr

Nizar Ali Badr is an established Syrian sculptor from Latakia, Syria, whose simple stone sculptures tell complex stories. Words are not his thing, but stones.

Nizar Ali tells the story of Syrian families using stones to depict human emotions, and the suffering and hardship of war. He tells the story of migration using stones to depict the gravity of the crisis and the refugee crisis, and his portrayal is painfully accurate.

The scenes are minimalist and intimate, yet are also sharp and distressing narratives. People, family, love, children, joy… Sadness, sorrow, misfortune, war, death, migration, exile…

Melted in the midst of an unimaginable collection of stone compositions and sculptures arranged by the artist’s hands, one can feel wisdom, simplicity, a great love for humanity, and hope.

Nizar Ali’s stone sculptures are also a witness of solidarity among all the people of the planet whose lives are destroyed by war.

Manss Aval Finalist in Four Categories at the 4th Zebra Awards

image014Artist Manss Aval named Finalist in four art categories at the  4th Zebra Awards, 2016. The categories were Fine Art and Open, Landscape and Nature, and Abstract and Contemporary.

Manss Aval submitted: ‘When Trees Dream‘, ‘Five Elements‘ (left), ‘Salk Institute’ and ‘Zero Face‘ – receiving “Finalist” designation for all four pieces of his artwork.

About the TZIPAC Zebra Awards

TZ International Photography and Art Community (TZIPAC) is an organization that is dedicated to the celebration of beautiful photography from around the world – recognizing and introducing amazing artists from all walks of life.

TZIPAC runs a series of juried competitions, both annuals and one-offs, that target various themes and skills. TZIPAC will only accept high-quality artworks that demonstrates a creative flare and passion for all things photography. Their goal is to encourage a wide range of emerging artists to participate and showcase their capabilities to the world. Our search is for talented artists in their chosen area of expertise as well as the TZ International Photographer of the Year.

In the long term, the  TZIPAC goal is to evolve into a full internet-based community in the near future, utilizing multi-media platform to help promote artists and their works, as well as to encourage the interaction and sharing of ideas to further help the development and expansion of photography as an art form.

image012              image013             zero face by manss aval