Manss Aval at Art San Diego 2017

Artist Manss Aval will be participating in Art San Diego—a contemporary art show in the heart of southern California featuring an international slate of artists and galleries.

The show features over 500 leading contemporary artists, museum exhibitions, Art Labs, events, and Art Talks focused on collecting. Now in its ninth year, the four-day event attracts over 15,000 high-net-worth collectors. Join us for an unforgettable four days of cutting-edge art, entertainment, and special events.

Art San Diego, held Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, is the city’s only contemporary fine art show, ASD provides a compelling four days of cutting-edge art and media, specially curated programming, lively evening events, and more.

Check out a Show Recap from last years’ Art San Diego 2016:

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Stunning Review of Artist Manss Aval

The minimalist and surreal art by Manss Aval: an interior journey through Nature and Life

In the same way as other artists, Manss Aval – a Californian lover of nature, Life and its varied possibilities of transformation and change – is both a painter and a photographer. However, the photographer in him strongly prevails.

As we know from the end of the 1960’s, photography was supplanted by an objective documentation of reality, first with television and then computers. So with its vocation resized, in a certain sense, photography retreated into itself – the same occurred for painting at the end of the nineteenth century – to become almost self-referential.

As Giulio Argan rightly remarked as early as 1989, “it was through the confrontation with photography, that art gradually broke away to differentiate itself from the classic concept of mimesis and to form its own morphology and lexicon, without naturalistic roots. But the division did not last, photography entered that domain too: it presented itself as a more conceptual than technical action, potentially as creative as art and even more so.” So photography and the enjoyment of it became purely conceptual, so much so that this technique definitively entered the universe of Art and it was possible to see clear similarities in the various currents of contemporary art of the time, such as Informel, Lyrical abstraction, French Nouveau Réalisme, New Dada and Minimalism.

Throughout his professional life, Manss Aval has favored two clearly-documented paths that are seemingly contradictory but which actually complement his personality. On the one hand, we see geometric dynamism made up of symmetries – chromatic or even veering towards an icy black and white (see the Symmetries-monochrome series) – in his digital shots, surreally inspired by futuristic photography, which emanate evanescent fluids that in turn recall optical and kinetic art. On the other, we witness the rigor of a pure and essential shot, again in color or black and white, but one that is figurative, taken from the world that we observe every day (an elderly man sitting on a bench, a dead leaf in Still Moments, a flight of birds or a waterfall).

Interestingly, Manss Aval may experiment with the same shot – with its formal analogies both to traditional photography or manipulated with a post-production elaboration – either in a black and white or a color version, the latter then sometimes finding its pictorial evolution in an oil painting on canvas. Undoubtedly, there are two main factors that have influenced Manss Aval and these experiments: Minimalism and lyrical, broadly symbolic, suggestions.

Read more reviews on Artist Mass Aval’s website

Manss Aval in New York Art News: New Paintings Exploring Vibrant Visual Possibilities

Artist Manss Aval’s new collection of oil paintings offer a vibrant reinterpretation of the world around us, creating abstracts with a level of high emotional connectivity. The artist lives and works in San Diego and his work has been exhibited in shows all around the world from California to New York, to Paris, Rome, and Tokyo to name a few. His newer paintings are a group of brilliantly colored abstracts.

manss aval art

Manss Aval describes the works stating, “My more recent series is dealing with geometric building blocks to create ‘interactive’ pieces that engage and invite the viewer to give free reign to their fantasies and memories.” The series draws on the patterns of symmetry and geometry found in nature building complexity from deceptively simple elements. Aval’s work is also influenced by the tradition of geometric designs and and calligraphy from his homeland Iran. The series of paintings transforms inanimate objects into dynamic compositions from which faces, designs, and figures emerge.

manss aval art

Many of the paintings work through the use of repetition and alteration. This is evident in both the “Pesce Rossi” Quadriptych and the “Pesce Rossi” Diptych. Both works repeat a form of undulating lines on 40 x 40 panels of canvas. The form is similar on all the panels; an almost symmetrical shape that that fluctuates based on varying angles of curves and different sections of overlapping lines. The changes from panel to panel are noticeable but the longer one stares at the painting, the more evident it becomes that each panel is a unique work of art that is both connected to and completely different from the other panels. Each of the squares shift colors throughout their forms, but the color shifts from panel to panel are not completely uniform in the way of an Andy Warhol print. Instead there is more of a freedom within the colors applied to each section in order to explore different visual possibilities. The paintings tease the eye back and forth from examining a single panel up close to examining each of the paintings as an entire unit.

Although some paintings work through the variation of a related design, other works are less geometric and more closely related to figurative work. The oil painting “Dante’s Visit” presents stunning hues of red and gold dancing across the canvas recalling flickering flames and roiling figures anguishing in hellfire. The color palette is full of rich jeweled tones appropriate for a church, making the viewer recall images of stained glass, decorated leather-bound bibles, and cavernous stone spaces that seem fitting for the medieval tale that the painting’s title references. “Dante’s Visit” recalls an ominous space of a medieval church and eternal punishment while also maintaining a more personal and emotional feeling that a modern viewer can relate to through the expressive and lyrical forms on the canvas.

manss aval art

The entire collection works in the way of placing the viewer into the realm of the strange while also grounding itself through elements that are familiar and connectable. The paintings feel like imaginative adaptations of a world that is already known. This interplay draws one in closer for a more intimate examination trying to uncover the recognizable elements of the paintings while also exploring the elements of the strange within them.

Article by Kathryn Lay , NY Art News Author, NY-Art News

Manss Aval a Finalist in The 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award

Gala Awards presents the 2nd Charles Dodgson AwardManss Aval has been named a finalist in the 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award Show presented by the Gala Awards.

The Artist received Finalist designation for his artwork , La Tour Eiffel Nuit Pluiein the Cityscapes and Street Photography category. The selected artwork is shown below.

The Gala Awards, or TGA, holds juried competitions for professionals and amateur photographers from around the world to compete in five awards and selected thematic contests offering artists opportunities for awards and competitions. The four Awards are the Pollux Award, The Jacob Riis Editorial and Documentary Award; The Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers, the Charles Dodgson Black & White Award, and the Robert Cornelius Portraits Award.

The Gala Awards provide thematic competitions, such as The Urban & Rural Landscape Competition, and the Street Photography Competition.

TGA hosts the above mentioned Awards to honor talented photographers and as a means of establishing and maintaining a continuing effort to help them further their careers, and promote appraisal towards contemporary photography. TGA recognizes artists’ talent through competitions juried by industry leaders, exposing their work in the media, publishing their work, hosting collective exhibitions, and by exhibiting their work on line and in the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.

La Tour Eiffel Nuit Pluie by Manss Aval
La Tour Eiffel Nuit Pluie by Manss Aval


Manss Aval in Venice Art Exhibition, Vita Tua, Vita Mea

Artist Manss Aval is currently being featured in the Vita Tua, Vita Mea Art and Interrelations CON-TEMPORARY7, an ongoing art exhibition in Venice, Italy. The Artists work will be on display from August 5 – 25, 2017.

As stated on the exhibition’s website, Vita Tua, Vita Mea is an art inspired event, one not to be missed. “Observatory articulated in a series of exhibitions dedicated to artists contextualized in the contemporary international artistic panorama, that are the reference elements with which a course of knowledge and historical can be followed, proposing a concise yet accurate view on the modern expressions of Art.”

The CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium was born either for the need to offer to collectors and lovers a vision that is attentive and directly involved in the art world, that today has deeply mutated for the epochal social, economical and technological changes, and also to put in relation and to follow the artists’ personal paths, promoting the collaboration for the engagement in this context that would be otherwise too dispersive.

Many collectors have come to understand that instability and turbulence are the main characteristics of the contemporary historic context, in which art above all has seen the crumbling of certainties and expectations of collectors and art lovers, which have been unfulfilled cause of a deliberately speculative system. But the causes of the evident effects on the market, must be searched in the sphere of semiotics, because contemporary culture dissolved cause of the relativism brought by globalisation, where paradoxically the public interest tends to escape the homogeneous diversification, then agglutinating in centres of absolute power, which thus increase more and more their own chances to conduct masses’ attention toward what is in their exclusive interest.

Pondering, the collectors will need no help to realise that such a speculative system surely can not play in their favour, it can not do their interest. Thus they will have to contrast that tendency on their own and with their own strengths, diversifying it, creating their own centre of personal interest, starting from their own delight, imposing their own necessary egotism, supporting the more semiotically motivated artists, who can guarantee to the works of art the solid and fundamental support of an intellectual value that is superior to the inconsistency and the variability of the market. – Con-Temporary Art Observatorium

To get ticket information and directions to the exhibition visit the Con-Temporary Art Ovservatorium website here.


Manss Aval Grand Winner in 2017 Wedding & Portrait Exposée

Artist Manss Aval was awarded Grand Winner for his entry, Nippon Carnival (below), in the 2017 Wedding & Exposée. The artwork took the top award in the People and Animals category this past month.

Manss will be a Featured Artist in 43mm Magazine’s special edition, showcasing Manss Aval’s work to the magazines readers across 40+ countries.

TZIPAC and 43mm Magazine held the contest to highlight the talented artists behind the finest in wedding and portrait photographic arts from around the world.

“With over 10,000 weddings per day around the world, we want to showcase the ever-changing facets of wedding photography – from the old to the new, the strange and the arty, and many more.”

About Manss Aval

Manss moved at an early age to Germany where he stayed to attend college, then on to Canada where he completed his degrees in Vancouver and finally to San Diego. He presently concentrates on painting, photography, and sculptures and has a broad set of skills with backgrounds in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

A Nature enthusiast, Manss dedicated much time studying wildlife to captivate movements in time and space, creating enchanted sceneries with animals at center stage. His works levitate between fantasy and mysterious quantum space, leaving the viewer in meditative explorations of familiar memories, dreams and perhaps alien realities.

His work feature a distinctly natural quality, full of soft, energetic shapes, earth tones, and subtle, vibrant colors and present a unique intersection of arts and science.

See more of Manss Aval’s talented artwork here at

Manss Aval selected for the 2017 Global Art Awards in Dubai

Global Art Awards 2017

Artist Manss Aval selected for the upcoming Global Art Awards 2017 being held November 17, 2017 at Armani Hotel Dubai.

The Global Art Awards in Dubai will happen on November 17, 2017 at the Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel Dubai.  The Global Art Awards recognize international artists and talented art. The Global Art Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition for the achievements and positive contributions of artists, galleries, and art professionals worldwide.

Awarding the outstanding artist live to the public and press, giving the winners the recognition that they deserve, boosting their career and a ‘Best Global Artist’ title to claim for the rest of their career.

Vote for Manss Aval here.

The first ever large-scale ‘The Global Art Awards’ Ceremony will be hosted at a most exquisite venue in the heart of Dubai – the Armani Hotel Ballroom with a Gala Dinner Award ceremony event, including:

Art exhibition, cocktail reception, 3-course set menu a la carte dinner by Armani, Talks and Speeches, Guest-of-Honours, the Awards Ceremony itself, Dj, After-Party and much more, all of this in the heart of glamorous Dubai!

There are 18 Global Art Awards categories for the Visual Arts. Stay tuned for more info and vote for Manss Aval before November 17, 2017!

Vote for Manss Aval 

Vote for Manss Aval’s ‘Conjugates’


Show your support for Artist Manss Aval, by voting for his artwork Conjugates in the 2017 Global Art Awards.

The Global Art Awards in Dubai will happen on November 17, 2017 at the Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel Dubai.  The Global Art Awards recognize international artists and talented art. The Global Art Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition for the achievements and positive contributions of artists, galleries, and art professionals worldwide.

Awarding the outstanding artist live to the public and press, giving the winners the recognition that they deserve, boosting their career and a ‘Best Global Artist’ title to claim for the rest of their career.

Vote for Manss Aval here.

Manss Aval in MAGMMA Premio Marchionni 2017

Artist Manss Aval had two pieces of his art selected in the recent contemporary art competition, MAGMMA Premio Marchionni 2017.  MAGMMA or Marchionni Mediterranean Museum of Graphic Art Foundation, is a foundation for Aesthetics and Progress.

Manss Aval‘s art, Hai and Conjugates were selected for two categories, painting and graphics, respectively.


The MAGMMA (Marchionni Mediterranean Museum of Graphic Art) Foundation for Aesthetics and Progress, sponsored by the Fondazione Banco di Sardegna, announced a competition of contemporary art in two categories: Graphic Art and Painting.

After the pre-selection, the prize winners were selected from a final selection of 30 works from each category. Within the competition there will also be an exhibition event, a published catalog, a cash prize for each category and the prize of three traveling shows in Urbino, Bologna and Milan. The exhibition of the final works, the voting and awards judging will take place at the MAGMMA museum in Villacidro, Italy, June 2017

Artist Manss Aval elected to the International Design Association

Manss Aval has been elected to IAD, a prestigious international design association. The International Association of Designers (IAD) is an organization that protects and promotes the interests of its members through networking

IAD is a professional international association for design that welcomes award-winning designers, artists, architects, craftsmen and creatives as members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push ethical, philanthropic, and social design practices.

The ultimate aim of the IAD is to promote good design practices and principles worldwide in order to improve quality of life of general public from across the globe. IAD annually organizes several initiatives to help their goals. These initiatives are World Design Hub, Designer of the Year and World Design Consortium programs.

About Manss Aval

Manss is an artist and long-time fine art photographer who works and resides in San Diego, California. Inspired by Nature’s patterns and textures his works transform inanimate objects into faces, designs and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective.

As primary medium he concentrates on photography, acrylic and oil on canvas, and mixed media techniques. Among his other interests are sculptures, video and film. He has a broad background in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

His fine art and photographic work has received many national and international awards. He has exhibited in over 50 juried solo and group shows in New York, San Diego, Laguna Beach, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Miami Beach and international venues, including Barcelona, Florence, Merida, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Toronto. His museum shows include the Louvre and San Diego’s Athenaeum Museum.