Manss Aval Featured in two Color Awards Showcase Collections

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-46-53-pm Artist Manss Aval has been published in the recent International Color Awards journal celebrating color photography and the International Color Awards showcase winners at the latest International Photo Awards exhibition.

The International Color Awards Journal is celebrating its 10th year this year, making this series of publications especially significant. The International Color Awards is the worlds leading international photography award show honoring color photography. The program showcases thousands of photographers from around the world making it the benchmark by which international color photography is rated.

Artist Manss Aval is featured in two journal collections composed of the winning Artist’s  photographs from the 10th International Photo Show.

Devil No Prada by Manss Aval


The first of Manss Aval’s photography selected, Devil No Prada (Left), can be seen in the  Journal Collection No.6 Vol.1. Journal Collection No.6 Vol.1 features the 9th Annual Photoshow Winners in the categories of: Abstract, Advertising, Aerial, Architecture, Children of the World, Americana, Fashion, Fine Art and Nude.


ManWagner Moment by Manss Avalss Aval’s Wagner Moment (left) can be seen in Journal Collection No.6 Vol.2, which showcases his art in the category of Nature Photography. Journal Collection No.6 Vol.2 features the 9th Annua
l Photoshow Winners in the categories of: Nature, Food, People, Photojournalism, Portrait, Silhouette, Sport, Still Life and Wildlife.


“For ten years International Color Awards has been committed to bringing world-class Juries selected from the most influential names in the industry. Annually a new jury pool is created to ensure the program’s reputation for recognizing first-movers, new emerging talent and current trends across the industry. Jury members are selected by exclusive invitation to join the international panel and sent ballots to log on, review the entries and make their nomination selections. Only by having the greatest talent from both sides of the lens do we produce the intoxicating and diverse collections of color photography the program is renowned around the globe for showcasing.” – Color Awards


View the Color Awards Journal Collections Here:

Image screenshots courtesy of: International Color Awards Photo Show