Manss Aval MD Visions

Natural Worlds Art Show

Digital Photographer magazine, in conjunction with Exhibitoo, recently held an art competition, the Natural Worlds Art Show. The art competition featured a wonderful piece of Manss Aval’s fine art photography titled,  MD Visions (below). MD Visions exhibits how the Artist’s creativity is applied in bird photography.

The Artist was highly commended for his art  and is now featured on the Digital Photographer Website, Natural World Photography Contest Winners Revealed.

‘MD Visions’ by Manss Aval

Manss Aval MD Visions


About Manss Aval

Manss Aval is an artist and long-time fine art photographer who works and resides in San Diego, California. He studied at the University of Hamburg and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has a broad background in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.). As primary medium he concentrates on photography, acrylic and oil, and mixed media techniques. Among his other interests are sculptures, video and film.

Inspired by Nature’s patterns and textures his works transform inanimate objects into faces, designs and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective. Manss’ abstract expressionism brims with free, gestural strokes, a rich palette and radiates emotive energy. As one art critic remarked, ’his work is characterized by a sense of impromptu and instinctive freedom’.

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