Break by Manss Aval

Manss Aval – Art & Beyond Special Issue: Photography and Digital Art

Break by Manss Aval
Artist Manss Aval received recent recognition and publication for two of his photographs in the Special Issue of Art & Beyond: Photography and Digital Art.  Manss Aval’s artwork landed a two page spread for his photographs Break (left) and At the Beach.

Congratulations were awarded to the selected Artists who’s work was awarded publication in the special issue: Alex Tolstoy, Donald-Rizzo, Jerry Ralya, Kathryn Jacobi, Marcy Ann Villafaña, Nadine Robbins, Nora Venturelli, Parick Bergès, Ronna S. Harris, Sabina D’Antonio, Steven Lustig, Ed Hicks, Gilly Gobinet, Jane Gottleib, Manss Aval, Sara E. Swan, Sigal Miller and Richard A. Moore III.

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View Manss Aval’s feature in the Special Issue of Art & Beyond Magazine: Manss Aval Photography and Digital Art


About Manss Aval

Manss Aval is an artist and long-time fine art photographer who works and resides in San Diego, California. Inspired by Nature’s patterns and textures his works transform inanimate objects into faces, designs and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective. As primary medium he concentrates on photography, acrylic and oil on canvas, and mixed media techniques. Among his other interests are sculptures, video and film. He has a broad background in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.).

His work is available at the Maya Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, California and at the Embler Art Gallery, in the Admirals Club, at the JFK International Airport, New York.

At the Beach by Manss Aval