Manss Aval Art Reviews by Kay Colvin, Lensculture, Tony Othen, Stacia Gates, Pamela Squires, Juliette Townsend and Gena Johns

“Manss’ abstract expressionism brims with free, gestural strokes, a rich palette and radiates emotive energy. His work is characterized by a sense of impromptu and instinctive freedom.”

Kay Colvin, L Street Fine Art, San Diego

“[Manss’] compositions are bold and consistent, showing a commitment to a unique style of image processing… Manss’ pictures have this ‘grace note’ of poetry amid the chaos of the built environment…. [Manss] clearly has an innate sense of color and composition as well as the beginnings of a street photographer’s style.”

Lensculture, 2015

“As a photographer for more than 40 years I have had opportunities to observe the social, educational, economic and physical conditions of people in many countries and I have developed and honed unique sets of images. My belief is that these sets of images create an experience for the viewer and my hope is that these created experiences can be catalysed into something greater and more relevant for today.”

Tony Othen, curator “Crowds” exhibition, The Greenwich Gallery, April 2015.

“[We] find [Manss Aval’s] work to be very original and Intriguing …[it] gives the viewer an array of different emotions moving from a serene peaceful feeling to a more imaginative dream state that provokes emotions of strangeness and familiarity all at once.”

Stacia Gates, Founder/CEO,, 2015

“The type of art that Manss Aval creates is from the deepest perception. His colors flow on to the canvas with a true sense of harmony and structure. His viewers often ponder what he might have been thinking when creating is images. His travels around the world are evident in his work.”

Pamela Squires, Gallery Director, Gallery 570, Laguna Beach, 2015

“We refer to [Aval’s] monochromatic works in-house very excitedly as avant-garde nature Xrays.”

Juliette Townsend, Managing Editor & Curator, Artplatform, 2015

“[Aval’s] wild images of trees and branches … are very cool and slightly overwhelming.”

Lensculture, 2015

“Aval’s mark making techniques oozes movement and colourful moments in time. He successfully translates his inspiration of patterns, textures and nature throughout his work. The Artist draws you into the texture of the paint on an intimate level; the closer and deeper you observe you begin to find images within the brushstrokes. It is evident that San Diego, Aval’s current location has had a profound effect on the vibrant, exciting and chaotic outcome of his work. The application of paint has a real sense of quality with each mark, creating an idyllic scene and fun environment. It’s no surprise that Aval has achieved 30 national and international awards.”

Gena Johns, Gallery Manager, Jam Factory Gallery, Oxford. Curator, Global Art Agency, 2015