Artist Manss Aval Selected for Rome Art Show

Manss Aval Selected for Prestigious Art Show in Rome

Artist Manss Aval Selected for Rome Art ShowArtist Manss Aval has been selected to participate and display his artwork in the Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome, November/December 2014. The Triennial Exhibition is one of the most important and prestigious art events of 2014.

As announced by the Italian Esposizione Triennale, a Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome is currently being prepared for the Grand Final. The Grand Final event will take place from November 21 to December 3, 2014 at 4 selected locations.

The primary location of the art exhibition will take place in the Central National Library of Castro Pretorio. The National Central Library of Rome is one of the most important Italian State libraries which having the primary purpose of collecting and preserving all Italian publications. The art show will also be located in the following three locations in Rome; Chiostro Del Bramante Museum, the Romania National Accademy, and at the Arte Maggiore Gallery. Arte Maggiore Gallery is located in the historic center of Rome, near the Colosseum and the famous Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. It hosts important exhibitions of artists of national and international reputation.

Not only will some of the worlds most noted artists be showing their work at the Exhibition, but also some very prestigious guests will speak during the Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts.

Art Historian and Academic, Philippe Daverio, will be one of the guest speakers for the event.

The Inauguration will be given by Prof. Achille Bonito Oliva, undoubtedly one of the most famous contemporary art critics known.  Art Director Daniele Radini Tedeschi will also be speaking at the Exhibitions and assisting with the exhibitions catalogue which will be published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

All the artists and architects selected for the Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome will be incorporated with one or more of their works in the exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition catalogue will also include a critical review next to the photograph of the Artists selected works. The exhibition catalogue will be distributed in all the best Italian bookstores.