Out of Nowhere by Manss Aval artist

Manss Aval Top 10 Finalist, Artexpo 2015 Poster Challenge

Manss Aval artwork in new york artexpo 2015 poster challenge
Vote for Manss Avals Art: Out of Nowhere

Manss Aval has been selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists for Artexpo 2015 Poster Challenge. To support Manss Aval he needs votes to win the final round of the Artexpo 2015 challenge.

To help our Artist win this challenge, Manss Aval has to get the most votes by March 6th. To help him do this, Go to the Artexpo Facebook page starting today, Feb 27 – March 6, and click “vote” to put your vote in for Manss Aval’s artwork. The artwork  Manss Aval has been selected for is titled, “Out of Nowhere”.

Manss Aval Art can be seen in both online galleries as well as in the Fine Art Maya Art Gallery, San Diego, California.

About the ArtExpo NY Poster Challenge

The Artexpo New York 2015 Poster Challenge theme this year is “Passageways.” Whether that entails a transition, a new beginning, a literal passage or corridor, or some other creative interpretation is up to the Artist. The challenge rules states that the Artexpo challenge is accepting submissions from artists around the world, of all skill levels in the following mediums: painting, photography, mixed media, drawing, pastels, ink, and more

Artexpo New York Facebook Pg  - New York, NY Manss Aval
Vote for Manss Aval in the Artexpo NY 2015 Poster Challenge

Judging will be conducted by Redwood Media Group, Artexpo Education Program faculty, and professional artists. Redwood Media Group retains the sole rights to select and determine the judging panel, as well as the selection of the ten finalists.
Judges will be looking at the art submissions in terms of it’s overall appropriateness to the theme, originality, sense of composition, creativity, technical skill, use of materials and light, and overall impact on viewer.

The winner of the Artexpo New York 2015 Poster Challenge:

• The Artists original “Passageways” themed artwork, name, and title on the Artexpo New York 2015 Official Poster
• Editorial coverage in the Artexpo New York 2015 Show Guide
• A featured article in the Summer 2015 issue of Art Business News
• A prime-location display wall featuring the original artwork at Artexpo New York 2015
• Total value of prizes: Over $17,000



Source: Artexpo New York