Manss Aval Upcoming Art Exhibit at Greenwich Gallery, London

Artist Manss Aval ’s photograph At The Beach has been selected for participation in the upcoming Art Exhibition at the famous Greenwich Gallery in London. Manss Aval’s work will be on display from March 20th through April 5th, followed by the prize contest with where the winning photograph will be selected.

Artists who are selected to participate in the two week long art exhibit have been chosen to do so by Curator, Tony Othen. Tony has traveled the world judging art and enjoying photography of many different types. As Tony himself has been a photographer for over 40 years, he has a famously keen eye for fine art and photographic works of excellence.

The Curator hand picked only fifteen photographs for inclusion at the Greenwich Gallery and Manss Aval is extremely honored to be one of these select few.


Artist Manss Aval has won many prestigious awards for his artwork in recent years. The artist has been the honored guest of hundreds of art shows and featured exhibits around the world.


ManssAval At the Beach BW-3

“Solitude of Multitudes. One of the most striking elements of Western society is the anonymity and solitude of its members.” – Manss Aval on his photograph, At the Beach.


The Greenwich Gallery is a small, intimate gallery that has been running for more than five years near to the heart of Greenwich Village.

The Greenwich Gallery exhibits mostly photographic work and has hosted more than 50 shows. It specializes in solo exhibitions of themed, cutting-edge work.