Manss Aval: ‘At the Beach’ Reviewed in Naples Art Show

A review of Manss Aval’s ‘At the Beach’ has been published in the Naples news. The artist’s work was included recently in the 5th annual Camera USA art show in Naples, Florida.  The art show is one of Naple’s very favorite events and is held annually at The von Liebig Center in Naples.

This is the fifth year for the popular photography exhibition and it open to anyone living in the U.S. and sweetened with a single $5,000 prize, with the help of Publix Supermarket Charities. The Naples press release stated, “Look for dramatic black-and-white photos along with color photography, and don’t end your quest in the main space, the Frederick O. Watson Gallery. There’s an exhibition in other rooms of “Pictures in Process 2015: Photography by Naples Art Association Members” as well, offering top-notch local photo talent.

“A trend this year is photographers who have focused in closely on a single person, animal, insect or flower. Their close-ups are altogether serious, humorous, intriguing and revealing,” said Jack O’Brien, curator for the art center. The press release mentioned some of the various artists whose work really stood out to the curator and jurors, including this on Manss Aval:

“Manss Aval of San Diego California presents a sociological view of Western Societies with ‘At the Beach,’ a black and white photograph of an elderly man on a bench overlooking a seaside cliff.

“He refers to his work in this series as ‘the Solitude of Multitudes’ and says, ‘One of the most striking elements of Western society is the anonymity and solitude of the its members and especially the elderly.”

At the Beach by Manss Aval
‘At the Beach’ by Manss Aval
Some 198 entries came in for the 2015 show. To learn more about Camera USA Art Show, visit here.