New Art Exhibition Features Non-Traditional Art Forms

A new art exhibition in New York has very few paintings inside. Artist John Henderson’s latest art exhibit is full of non-traditional pieces of artwork in copper, digital video productions, and three-dimensional texture pieces, but very view paintings are actually present inside.

John Henderson’s latest work is located at the Galerie Perrotin’s in New York on Madison Avenue and is appropriately titled “A Revision”. The artist has pieces of work created with minimal use of oil, canvas, or acrylic paint. Instead he creates abstract paintings with the use of polyester, copper, linen, and layers of wall paint ripped directly from actual walls in creating the unique pieces.

The Artist stated that this new project reflects an illusion of depth and texture and  “There’s a level of chance involved that I’ve chosen to embrace” (Henderson, ArtNews) One example of this chance he speaks of is in reference to the wall strips that are ripped out of existing walls and used in the artwork. The Artist said there really is no way to tell exactly what will come with each strip of wall paint. This in itself leaves the window of chance wide open.

Another type of art at the new exhibition is Henderson’s cast metal paintings, which undergo a process called electrotyping. In electrotyping copper ions are deposited through an electrolytic bath into a conductive mold taken of the original painting. (ArtNews) The Artist states that this particular process is not one that he is very interested in performing himself, so he sends them to outside companies to do the copper versions and then they return the piece once this part is complete.

View Henderson’s different styles of art in his latest exhibition, A Revision, at the Perrotin.

Read the full article on John Henderson’s work by Alexander Mahany on ArtNews.