OpenArtCode International Artists Exhibiting in Venice, February 5-20

Openartcode 3The OpenArtCode group of international artists will exhibit in Venice on February 5-20, 2016. The exclusive OpenArtCode Show will be held at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti.

Forty-eight artists will be exhibiting at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti under the umbrella of OpenArtCode during the world-famous Venice Carnival and all genres of art can be admired, including painting, drawing, sculptures, photographs, digital art and installations.

The Event Is Happening Now

The opening  night of the Venice OpenArtCode contemporary art exhibition was a overwhelming success.  More than 300 people in attendance for the opening and about 1000 visitors registered for the first weekend the show is open to the public. Venetian society and consuls representing the various countries, art lovers, art critics and artists filled the rooms of Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti for opening night of the OpenArtCode contemporary art show. The turn-out has been truly spectacular thus far, much more excitement anticipated.

Openartcode 2

OpenArtCode is composed of a group of renowned artists who have very different technical styles and their artistic formation is varied. They have united their talents in the past to exhibit together in Paris at the Grand Palais, in Monaco at the Auditorium Rainier III, at the Oxo Gallery in London and in Shanghai at Pudong Library and CEIBS. The exhibiting artists are:

Bdoor Alsudiry – Jian Jun An – Manss Aval – Trond Are Berge – Eva Beumer – William Braemer – Mary Brilli – Chacin – Pantelis Chandris – Cordero – Joan Criscione – Romolo Del Deo – Andreas Devetzis – Lore Eckelberry – Joshua S. Franco – Marybel Gallegos – Sylvie Hamou – Areum Han – David Harry – Evelyne Huet – Hv – Sumio Inoue – Marianne J. Jansen – Ellen Juell – Beanie Kaman – Rieko Karrer – Marlene Kohn – Mina Kordali – Alexander Lee – Sinae Lee – Theresa Lee – Niki Michailidou – Dimitra Mountzouri – Maria Mouriadou – Fotini Othoneou – Sara Palleria – Santina Semadar Panetta – Aspa Papalexandri – Youngsook Park – Jannis Psychopedis – Marco Aurelio Rey – Hyeon-Hwa Seo – Kensuke Shimizu – Susanne Sjögren – Claudia Söding – Katerina Soroula – Max Werner – Michael Freitas Wood.


The exhibition, curated by Vito Abba, is organized by Studio Abba with the collaboration of Emmy Varouxaki and Youngsook Park. The organizers wish to acknowledge in particular the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti for the hospitality and BIM Banca Intermobiliare.

Browse the catalogue online or view photos from OpenArtCode on Facebook.

Attend the Event 5-20 February 2016, open every day (except Sunday) 11am-7pm – Free entrance

Where Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco 2847, Venice, Italy