Manss Aval art photography competition

Support Artist Manss Aval in Agriturismi Photo Competition

Artist Manss Aval has been entered into a photography competition that rates the Artist’s photography based on the number of his artwork’s Facebook likes. To help one of our favorite Artist we are encouraging fans and art lovers alike to support Manss Aval by going to link below and clicking “Like” for his photos. Users can like Manss Aval’s art on their favorite social network; Google+, Facebook, and Twitter or all three if you’d like!  Manss would appreciate the support.

In addition to following the links to the Artist competition page and “liking” his photographs, fans and supporters can also share the link on their own Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages for extra exposure for the Artist.

Voting will close at February 14. Here are the two Photo’s the Artist has included in the competition:

#1 Venice In Autumn – Venice

Vote by Liking this: Support Manss Aval in the Photo Competition for his Venice In Autumn – Venice .

#2 Mystic Gondola 2013 – Venice

Manss Aval art photography competition

Vote by Liking this: Support Manss Aval in the Photo Competition for his Mystic Gondola 2013 

Manss Aval has been highlighted for his talented photography and painting artwork around the world. His artwork has been displayed in NYC Time Square all the way to Barcelona, Spain. The artist’s home base is here at Fine Art Maya Art Gallery in San Diego, California.