The Art of the Jewel

Location: Charles Koll Jewelers Fashion Valley
Event Dates: 5/17/2012 –

     San Diego artist Duke Windsor has taken inspiration from fine custom jewelry created and designed by Charles Koll Jewellers and developed the Jewel Series, a collection of acrylic paintings that are impeccably draped with signature pieces of custom jewelry. Charles Koll Jewellers and Salazar Contemporary Art Exhibits will be unveiling these unique works of art with an artist reception where guests will have an exclusive opportunity to meet with the jewelry design team and master artist Duke Windsor.

Art and music have always played an influential role in Duke Windsor’s life, but he had never thought much about finding inspiration in a jewelry store.

“I would have never guessed before walking into Charles Koll Jewellers that I would have been so inspired,” said Windsor. “After meeting Malcolm Koll, the owner of Charles Koll Jewellers, and really getting an understanding for the amount of detail that goes into every custom piece, I began to imagine how our work could merge to create something totally unique that highlights the qualities of both.”


Click here to see Windsor Jewel Series Preview