Fine Art Maya Artist Spotlight: Dani Olivier


Dani Olivier is our Fine Art Maya spotlight Artist this week. Dani is an extrememly talented Artists at the Gallery and his works have been appreciated all over the world in a number of prestigious venues and art exhibitions.

About Dani Olivier

Dani Olivier (born 1969) is a photographer from Paris. He graduated from the business school HEC Paris and began photography as a teenager. From 2000 to 2006, Olivier worked on digital self-portraits where his models were asked to use a digital camera to shoot their first nude selfies. He tried to capture a unique moment that could not be reproduced: a person’s very first selfie, long before the concept became popular.

image097From 2007 on, Olivier specialized on abstract nude compositions he created by projecting patterns on his models, coupled with movement and optical deformations. He uses a minimal design (“a body, a black backdrop and lights”) coupled with top-notch, state-of-the-art light projectors and cameras.

Dani is an internationally recognized artist who has exhibited, among other venues, in Kiev, Ukraine, 2010 and 2012: at the Found Art Gallery, Paris, France, 2012: At the Art and Events Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2012: LUX Exhibition, Arles, France, 2015: Voies off (fringe festival) “Nude Body and Soul”, Paris, France, 2015: La quatrième image, Los Angeles, USA, 2015, MOPLA and published four photography books: Nus abstraits (2011), ISBN 978-2-35355-776-9; Nus abstraits et psychédéliques (2011), ISBN 978-2-35355-776-9; Anthologie de la photo de nu de Dani Olivier ; 2012. Editions ESI Nus corps et âme (2015) Editions passage des soupirs.

To learn more about Dani Olivier and his work, see it here.