Featured Artist: Talieh Kesh, Fine Art Maya

Art by Talieh Kesh

Fine Art Maya is honored to have such a talented group of Artists in our Gallery. This week we wanted to share some background on one of these treasured Artists, Talieh Kesh.

Talieh Kesh

Talieh Kesh has a multi-disciplinary background with degrees in architecture and mass communications and resides in San Diego, CA. She is a truly exceptional, multi-talented master artist in the classical tradition.
Oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, paper, bronze, brick, mortar, ceramic, copper, glass, plastic, textiles, wood and many other media are magically transformed by her skillful hands and vision into objects of compelling beauty and stunning realism. Drawing on her architecture background, her careful and detailed acrylic paintings in particular inevitably draw the observer into the scene.
Her uncanny ability to capture the finest nuances of light and the dynamic use of space and color is complemented by an insatiable intellectual drive to grasp the scientific fundamentals of natural phenomena and interests in astronomy and quantum physics.
Her instinctive sense of Nature’s splendor permeates each of her works.