Fine Art Maya Artist Spotlight: Uwe Arendt

Monolith_03_large by  Uwe

Fine Art Maya is honored to be able to work with such highly skilled, gifted and truly inspiring artists at our San Diego Fine Art Gallery. Too often people can get caught up in their own endeavors and forget to truly acknowledge talent when they encounter it.

So today, we are taking a moment to acknowledge one deeply inspiring and gifted artist, Uwe Arendt, whose work and creative ability are a blessing for all those who encounter it.

Uwe Arendt

Born in 1945, Uwe spent his formative years in Vienna, Austria, and entered the professional School for Graphic Design at 15. He frequented the Kaffee Havelca, a popular hangout for artists, where he was exposed to leaders of the Vienna School of Surrealists, including Hundertwasser, Leherb, Fuchs and others.

At night he studied with a leading graphic designer and in his spare time drew inspirations from earlier Viennese masters, Gustav Klimt, and his favorite, Egon Schiele. He was particularly enthralled with Schiele’s line work and his edgy composition style.

After graduating from design school Uwe relocated to Seattle and launched his own design firm. He specialized in creating logo designs, strategic branding concepts and corporate designs for regional and national companies.

Now Uwe Arendt is poised to undertake his final challenge: the artistic expression of universal themes that resonate with all people. He creates layered and iconic portraits that draw from all aspects of his background, his youth in Vienna, his career as a graphic artist and life in the Pacific Northwest.