contemorary artwork

Manss Aval in Contemporary Art of Excellence 2015

contemorary artwork

Manss Aval has been awarded the honor of being featured and promoted in the Contemporary Art of Excellence Book Investable Art 2015 by the Global Art Agency.

The book will be released in 2015 and is a hardcover coffee-table book. The Contemporary Art of Excellence Investable Art book offers fine contemporary Artists the opportunity to share their artwork with thousands of people, all over the world. Contemporary Art of Excellence is sold in many countries around the globe and has had a powerful reach into the most substantial, sophisticated art audiences.

The Global Art Agency is dedicated in their work of promoting contemporary art on a global level. Organizing international art fairs at exclusive venues with established and emerging exhibitors is what the Global Art Agency is best known for. The all-round art platform for artist, gallery and collector advances connections between the most talented Artists worldwide.

The Global Art Agency works with qualified partners and sponsors around the world to foster the creation of unique connections within the art community. The Global Art Agency is located in a city full of culture where the Artist, the Gallery and the Collector connect. Learn more about the Global Art Agency here.

As well as being spotlighted and published by the Global Art Agency, Manss Aval’s artwork features in Contemporary Art of Excellence Investable Art 2015 will be distributed at museums, international art fairs, galleries, book shops around the world and in our digital world, on Amazon.

Manss Aval’s talented artwork has been highlighted frequently around the globe and has gained enormous exposure during this last year. As always, Manss Aval’s work can be viewed here inside the Fine Art Maya Gallery in San Diego, California. We are honored to display the works of many talented Artists here at Fine Art Maya. Artwork ranging from Naturescapes, Oceanscapes, Landscapes, and much more. Photography and Fine Art are the heart of our Gallery.

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