International Kunst Heute 2015 Martina Kolle and Ingrid Gardill talk about Manss Aval art

Manss Aval Reviewed in ‘Internationale Kunst Heute 2015’

International Kunst Heute 2015 Martina Kolle and Ingrid Gardill talk about Manss Aval artManss Aval’s artistic talents are widely known throughout the art world and the artist has participated in hundreds of art exhibitions and competitions over the past few years.  As this is the case, his work receives a great deal of artistic critique and review by judges and curators from all over the world. Recently, Manss Aval’s art was reviewed in the 2015 edition of “International Kunst Heute 2015“, a book published yearly featuring a collection of  international contemporary art and artists.

International artists from over the world present their works of art for inclusion in the annually released art book, Internationale Kunst Heute. The artist work will be included in each years edition are selected by an art jury. The jury is headed by Dr. Ingrid Gardill,  art historian, curator and art critic and the team of artists is headed by Martina Kolle, a exquisitely talented fine art painter. The remaining jury is made up of artists and curators.

A professional art review and commentary on the artist work is written by Dr. Ingrid Gardill.  Dr. Gardill is an art critic who has written reviews on a number of different art exhibits and books in the past. As curator, she organizes exhibits of talented contemporary artists. She is also author, editor and publisher of Art Knowledge Publications.

Beach Sculpture
Beach Sculpture by Manss Aval

Dr. Gardill and Martina Kolle selected Manss Aval’s art, Beach Sculpture, Out of Nowhere, and Wagner Moment for inclusion in the 2015 edition and wrote the following review on the Artist and his paintings:

The painter and photographer Manss Aval derives his artistic inspiration from contact with Nature. His painterly photographs with their wide ranging
perspective radiate the freedom of the landscape. This likewise applies to the detail, such as in “Beach Sculpture”. The motif is not immediately
apparent, but one is immediately impressed by the photograph’s melancholic mood and spectacular colors. The pale yellow leaves swim as if on a pearl string partly above and below the water surface in which a white cloudy sky is reflected.

Out of Nowhere by Manss Aval artist
Out of Nowhere
by Manss Aval


Out of Nowhere” appears at first like a long walk through different wooden
gates at the end of which light is awaiting. This prompts associations with
images of near death or out of body experiences. Aval reveals the vista
under one of the gates in the water with fog raising. The mysterious
emanating light creates a fascinating perspective.


Wagner Moment
Wagner Moment
by Manss Aval


Two dark blue bands sandwiching a white one-the overpowering minimalized photographic composition of “Wagner Moment” could be deriving from the
artist’s color palette. The low lying, bright horizon above the ocean provides the image’s calmness, whereas the overwhelming, heavy sky occupying three quarters of the photo creates the drama which Aval associates with Richard Wagner’s music. The color experience here differs from that of the other two water scenes. However, Aval’s gripping photography always evokes
deep emotions in the viewer.

Dr. Ingrid Gardill

Internationale Kunst Heute – 2015

Martina Kolle, Ingrid Gardill, eds., IKH-Publishing, Munich, p. 44-45, 2015.