Manss Aval: Vanguard Art Platform Review

Vanguard Visionaires The Art of Creativity
The Art of Creativity

Vanguard Art Platform reviewed Artist Manss Aval in their latest ‘Vanguard Visionaries: Art of Creativity‘ for several of his pieces that were submitted and featured by the Art Platform NYC.

Artist Manss Aval

…With a playful sense of freedom and an energetic vibrancy his works surge
with an expressive abstraction, filled with explosive movements of color and
texture. But it is the rhythmic spontaneity and raw dynamism that truly
captures the viewer.

Abstracted and instinctive, Aval’s work explores visual ideas rather than
narrative or technical concepts-and yet it is almost uncanny how emotive and
formal the finished product becomes. In some works monolithic shapes of
sapphire and crimson explode against the delicate shards of ice white. In
others we see rainbow-colored clouds that pile up to become an exercise in
rhythm and tone.

Vanguard Visionaries: “The Art of Creativity”, Art Platform, New York, 2015

A personal favorite of mine, Manss Aval’s Polar Bird, was one of the artworks featured by the Art Platform NYC:

manss aval polar bird featured in NYC Art Platform
Polar Bird by Manss Aval
To see the Manss Avals Featured Art, visit the Art Platform here.  You can also read past reviews on the artist by the highly acclaimed Vanguard Art Platform NYC here.


Image: Vanguard Visionaries The Art of Creativity