Manss Aval Art wins another art competition

Manss Aval Wins at Monochrome Art Exhibition in Athens

Artist Manss Aval’s  ‘Out of Nowhere‘ was recently selected for display at the Monochrome Art Exhibition held at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece. The winning artwork was on display at the gallery May 10-28, 2015.

Manss Aval’s contemporary art was in great company with some of the worlds most talented photographers, many of them from the US as well as Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Poland, and more.

Manss Aval Art wins another art competition
Out of Nowhere by Manss Aval

International Photographers from around the world submitted their art for consideration in the Monochrome Group Show Exhibition at the Blank Wall Gallery. Only a selected few contemporary art pieces were included in the prestigious event, but the ones that were selected, are absolutely breathtaking photographs. Follow this link to see the amazingly talented pieces of photography selected for the Monochrome Exhibition.

The Blank Wall Gallery is an art gallery dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary photography. The gallery holds some exquisite events showcasing some of the most brilliant pieces of photography around the world.

“Black and white photography is a different angle of viewing and presenting images and for some photographers this was their main motive to start taking photographs. It is full of emotion, as the lack of color functions as an incentive that unlocks feelings and imagination and leads viewers to new paths of realization.” – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens

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