Chaos by Manss Aval

Manss Aval ‘Chaos’ Selected for Animal Portraits Exhibition, Camden Image Gallery

Chaos by Manss Aval
Chaos by Manss Aval

Artist Manss Aval’s  ‘Chaos‘ selected for inclusion in an upcoming group art show in UK. The group show is titled Animal Portraits Exhibition will be held at the Camden Image Gallery in Camden, UK, June 10-16.

The unique art exhibition will feature 10 selected photographs for the physical display portion of the exhibit and then 25 select images have been chosen for the digital display. The digital images selected will be projected on the walls downstairs inside the Camden Image Gallery for visitors to explore and enjoy as they tour the uniquely shaped exhibit hall.

Curator, Elena Chimonas, sought to find photography that was unusual and attention-grabbing for the animal portraits exhibition. The photographs chosen for the event are both a mixture of close up and long range portraits, as well as colorful and monochrome images too. Truly a must see art exhibit, but if you cannot make the event in person, view the selected photograph here on the Animal Portraits Exhibition website.

To view more of Artist Manss Aval’s fine art photography, visit his website Manss Aval.

Animal Portraits Exhibition will run from June 10th Until June 16th at Camden Image Gallery, located at:

174 Royal College Street, Camden, NW1 0SP.