Inescapable by Manss Aval

Manss Aval’s Inescapable at New London Gallery Event, Album Gallery

Album Art Gallery LondonArtist Manss Aval’s photograph ‘Inescapable’ will be on display in the Egalitarian Album Gallery in London. The show kicked off July 16 and runs through August 21. Manss Avals’ Inescapable will be showcased at the event, so if you are in the London area, you don’t want to miss this event! This is the first exhibit for the Album gallery and they have really made a debut with the mixture of talent displayed at the London event.

Album is London’s new photography gallery exhibition. Created by Paul Bridge, his new exhibition came to life when he encouraged photographers to submit their best shot, regardless of field, genre or format. What resulted was absolutely amazing and embodies a variety of talents from all across the world.

Coverage of the gallery exhibit by Amateur Photographer stated the result is ‚Äėegalitaria’: a collection of images that underlines just how broad and expansive a practice photography is. Portraits, travel shots, abstracts, landscapes and more all sit alongside one another. Read the full gallery coverage piece here.

About Album Gallery
Album is dedicated to a fundamental belief that a high quality print remains the best way to look at worthwhile photography.Fans of the craft and art of photography a print remains the simplest and most telling expression of an image.
The natural end-point of making a photograph.The case for print is about far more than resolution and acuity.
A print is always available to see: It’s device-independent and a permanent physical presence that demonstrates its worth every time you see it, whether that’s a passing¬† glance or a studious stare. – Album

See a preview of Album’s first Gallery Exhibition here.

Manss Aval Inescapable

Inescapable by Manss Aval
Inescapable by Manss Aval