Manss Aval Dante Visit

Manss Aval: Donkey Art Prize 3 Miami Showcase

Donkey Art PrizeArtist Manss Aval’sDante’s Visit was selected by the Donkey Art Prize 3 for inclusion in the show going on this week in Miami Beach Florida, August 5-10, 2015.The Donkey Art Prize 3 Miami Showcase will be held at the at the Viophilia Gallery-Studio  in Winwood, Miami Beach, FL.

Donkey Art Prize 3 Miami Showcase

The 3rd annual Donkey Art Prize is an international contemporary art contest. The Opening Event, which is not to missed, is scheduled for Saturday, August 8 from 8 pm to 10 pm during the monthly Art-Walk The monthly Art-Walk is one of the most important artistic events of the city.

The showcase winners will be selected from two categories and the judges will pick four winners with an additional 100 finalists for having the most outstanding artistic presentations. Winners will receive awards and inclusion in the upcoming traveling art shows scheduled for Milan and Dubia.

Blindonkey Cultural Association is presenting the Donkey Art Prize Showcase and art competition. According to the Blindonkey Cultural Association, the Art Showcase is not your typical art competition born to award great names and and already famous artists only to “make noise” and appear more important to critics and experts, It’s something else. The showcase is based purely on the artists skills and merit put forth in their work, not about who they are, but what they can artistically create.

The Art Showcase is located at the  Viophilia Gallery-Studio 164 NW 20 Unit 101, Miami FL.

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Manss Aval Dante Visit
Dante’s Visit

About Blindonkey

Blindonkey is an Italian cultural association and a no-profit organization, with a young and enthusiastic staff, coming from different worlds, born with the aim of establishing a link between art, photography, fashion and music. The purpose is developing a global network of artists, coming from different backgrounds and cultures, through international exhibition and events, and promoting new talents across the world. Blindonkey has already organized exhibitions in Milan, London, Madrid, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, showing hundreds of artists.