Masu D. Turan, Artist at San Diego Art Gallery, Fine Art Maya


Masu D. Turan

Raised in Europe, Masu studied arts in Berlin and now lives in San Diego. Photography began for Masu with a Vollenda. He was later influenced by such exceptional artists as David Muench, Galen Rowell, Charlie Waite, David Ward and Art Wolfe.

With a fascination for fleeting phenomena of light, reflections and water, he captures mementos of the American west coast and other locals.

He transforms with clean strong strokes seemingly ordinary subjects into a wealth of soft, quiet and meditative images focused on symmetry, patterns, textures and colors that range from the abstract, to the painterly, to the serene. His stills of gentle, vibrant colors and assemblies are imbued with a sense of timelessness, serenity and spirituality. Another passion of his are high resolution motion images.


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