Manss Aval at the Motif Collective

Art by Manss Aval
Manss Aval
Artist Manss Aval was announced a Finalist in a recent Motif Collective Art Competition, May 2016. A large number of Manss Aval’s  talented work (above) has been featured all across the world. The Motive Collective art competition is truly a honor to participate in for a number of wonderful reasons.

About the Motif Collective

The Motif Collective strives to give photographers a platform to showcase their passion on an international stage. Artists are awarded first, second and third place prizes as well as a select few who are granted a Honorable Mention. This is far from all, however.

A truly unique aspect of how the Motif Collective operates is in how the winners are awarded. The winners get a slice of the operation itself, literally.  First place winners are handed a 50% share of the Motif Collective operation ( i.e. the revenue), judges get 20% and the Motif Collective is left the remaining 30% to pay bills and keep the art competition up and running.

This means that every artist that enters the art competition is never throwing their entry fees away or padding the pockets of individuals not involved for the art itself.

“Being photographers ourselves we became frustrated with the number of Photography/Art competition sites around taking in lots of money with the only real prize a being a claim to promote the winners works through “an online presence” yet most them do not even provide an active link to the winners page.  On top of that where is all that money going?   Definitely not to the Artists and Photographers where it belongs.”

To view Artist Manss Aval’s artwork, visit his website here.

Manss Aval Art Website