The Rain Room

The Rain Room by Random International
The Rain Room.

The Museum of Modern Art is famous for so many different art displays its hard to keep track of all the fabulous talent that has graced the New York museum. One art display, Rain Room, has fans so eager to experience the unique art display that they wait outside in line for several hours, just to experience 10 minutes inside the Rain Room.

The Rain Room is a temporary installation in which water magically rains down all around visitors as they walk the exhibit; everywhere that is, except in the areas where sensors detect people. These sensors give visitors the illusion of walking between the drops in the rain and this is what has captivated so many people and kept them coming back for more. There have even been several reports of couples proposing inside the Rain Room.

The Rain Room was created by art collective Random International and first appeared in 2012 in London. At the London location  people waited in line for nearly 12 hours to get inside the exhibition.

The magic of water falling all around you, yet never touching the viewer caused quite the stir on social media networks and also drew mixtures of reviews from art critics. Some critics of the Rain Room said it wasn’t, in their opinion, art, while others disagree and felt the Rain Room brought them a unique experience unlike anything they had ever had before. Others complained that they didn’t like hours and hours required waiting in long lines to enter the exhibition. Some were not happy that they could not spend longer in the rain room.

The creators insisted that the visitors never be put on a time constraint but due to the enormous popularity, people are encouraged to spend no more than 10 minutes in the display at a time. The 10 minute suggestion is a “courtesy timeframe” to show consideration to the people whom are still outside waiting to get in; some of which who may have waited hours in line. While this upset some people, it didn’t stop them from coming to the show and some then there were those visitors who just completely ignored the courtesy time suggestion and stayed 45 minutes.

Most recently announced Art Collector Budi Tek has announced that he will be bringing the Rain Room to his private museum in Shanghai in September 2017.

The Rain Room Art Exhibit Experience
Image courtesy of  Random International
Top Image courtesy Museum of Modern Art, New York