virtual reality

Virtual Reality Art Coming Alive


Screenshot by Simon Robertson using oculus rift

As our culture progresses into the ever expanding world of technology enhanced life, virtual reality is becoming more and more commonplace.  Big companies like Google came out with Google Glass, a pair of glasses that transposed what the person saw through the lenses.

While Google Glass didn’t take off quite as expected, it shows that the desire for new alternative spins on life made possible through vision and transformation of normal to spectacular, is very much alive.

In recent news big social network giant, Facebook spent around $2 billion last March acquiring the virtual-reality company, Oculus VR. Rumors about Facebook’s intentions with the virtual reality platform have been spiraling through the web. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying that the new platform will enable people to share “entire experiences and adventures” through the use of the virtual reality technology.  When Facebook users will get to experience this new world has not been announced and could quite possibly be far off in future development plans.

Virtual reality company Oculus is well known for it’s virtual reality platform, but that’s not all the company brings to the table. Oculus is praised for it’s gaming headset, the Rift. Artists have began exploring with the Rift, a gaming headset that has useful purpose in art by allowing artists to see objects differently. Artists have been exploring the Rift’s possibilities for fostering creativity and sparking new ideas for their artwork.