San Diego Artist Selected for SETI Institute Residency

SETI Institute selects San Diego Artist for In House ResidenceSan Diego Artist Nina Waisman has been selected as the artist-in-residence for the SETI Institute. The SETI Institute is located in Silicon Valley and strives to discover, understand and explain the “origin, nature, and prevalence of life in the universe”. Numerous scientific and government associations are involved with the SETI Institute; NASA and Google included.

The main motivating force fueling the SETI Institutes research is their interest in other life and other beings. The SETI Institute collects some of the greatest minds in the art and science world to collaborate together

Nina Waisman graduated from the University of California in San Diego and went on to study at Harvard as well as the New York City’s School of Ballet. The artist is said to use her vast education experience in highlighting the relationship between movement and thought in her artwork and this will play a key role in her research with the SETI Institute.

The artist stated in an email interview that she is expecting her work, research and art at the SETI Institute to be far beyond what she currently knows of now. When asked about her aspirations for her work at the Institute, Waisman said “Maybe communication among microbes, cells, and even sub-atomic particles supply the critical intelligence in the cosmos – maybe our ways of thinking, moving, clustering and evolving, are primarily reflections of behaviors modeled by small players ‘below’. Maybe a search for extraterrestrial intelligence can benefit from speculating about the kinds of intelligence exchanged at the micro-levels I’m describing.”

Waisman said that she fully expects her new research discoveries at the SETI Institute to blow her mind.