Solo Sailing by Manss Aval

Solo Sailing by Manss Aval selected by Duncan Miller Galleries

Solo Sailing by Manss Aval
Solo Sailing by Manss Aval

Artist Manss Aval has been honored by his work being selected by Duncan Miller Galleries Your Daily Photograph for display.

Your Daily Photograph by Duncan Miller Galleries offers Fine Art Collectors an invaluable resource for buying fine art. The gallery handpicks the finest of photography and sends the work out to collectors for a special 24 hour only sale.

The gallery works like this: Fine art collectors can sign up for free to receive the daily fine art photography alerts, then each morning at 9am sharp a new photograph is sent out to the collectors.The photographs are available for either 24 hours at the special price offered, or until the first collector contacts to purchase the artwork.

A wide selection of images are presented, along with a variety of photographers, print formats and prices. Photographs are guaranteed to be as described. The service is truly unique and offers those special art collectors an opportunity to get first dibs on the latest and greatest in the world of fine art photography.

Currently, YourDailyPhotograph has worldwide subscribers in 73 countries and once the pice of art is purchased, the gallery ships. Shipping is available worldwide as well.

Artist Manss Aval’s work was not available for long as a collector saw the photograph and purchased it quickly. No need to worry though, the Artist has a wide variety of his talented pieces of fine art and photography for sale on his website here: Manss Aval Art

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The five-mile stretch of beach from Venice to Santa Monica has allured tourists, travelers and locals for over a century. As one of the world’s most iconic beaches and traveled destinations, millions of people have walked, played and enjoyed there. This exhibition contains 41 vintage photographs that explore this culture from the 1920s through the 1950s.

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