YICCA 2015 International Contest of Contemporary Art


Artist Manss Aval‘s artwork was entered into the YICCA International Contest of Contemporary Art, 2015. Two of Aval’s pieces were highlighted in the contest, At the Beach, which has won numerous recognitions around the world, and Dante’s Visit, which is also been an extremely popular piece.

Dante’s Visit is exquisitely painted in oil and according to the Artist, Manss Aval, inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

At the Beach is fine art photography at it’s very finest. Manss Aval describes the artwork as a great depiction of the “Solitude and anonymity, particularly for the elderly, is one of the striking features of Western society.”

At the Beach by Manss Aval

At the Beach by Manss Aval

At the Beach – Solitude and anonymity, particularly for the elderly is one of the striking features of Western society


Dante’s Visit by Manss Aval


Dante’s Visit – Inspired by Dante’s Inferno


The first and second winners will receive a prizes of $3000 and $1000 respectively. The selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery of a European city during November 2015. The winning artists works will be published on the catalogue ‘YICCA 2015’ and the selected artists will have the opportunity to stay in Prague free of charge during the events opening.

About the YICCA Art Exhibition

The Art Contest’s primary aim is to share artistic talent with the world. The YICCA Art Exhibition debuted in 2009 and due to its large success and 1000+ participants, continues on in 2015. The competition is open to all types of artwork and all techniques are allowed to enter. This includes videos, performances and installations.

Art Association Aps Moho puts on the YICCA Art Exhibit and uses its experience in art promotion to successfully provide due attention to those truly talented artist around the world whom are selected to participate.  A primary goal of the association is to hold artistic events and competitions involving young talent from all across Europe.