Manss Aval Art Review by Curator of PAKS Gallery

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Artist Manss Aval received praise for his artistic abilities in a recent review by Heinz Playner, Curator of PAKS Gallery on Art News.

The review was translated from German into English and reads as follows:

Manss Aval shows the viewer a fascinating world with his works. [His]
incredibly multi-faceted technique in a contemporary style inspires and
engenders sensitive feelings and intelligently encourages the sense of the
endless freedom of his art. His talent to evoke fantasy by creating a
magical atmosphere in his artworks shows him as a master of fine art “.

– Heinz Playner, Curator of PAKS Gallery, 2015, Art News Contemporary and Modern Art

About the PAKS Gallery

PAKS GalleryPAKS Gallery is a gallery for contemporary art in Austria between Vienna, Salzburg and Munich (Germany).  The Gallery is international active in consulting of high quality contemporary art. With more than 140.000 Follower PAKS Gallery is one of the most popular galleries in Europe.

Many private and corporate collectors come to PAKS Gallery to be introduced to  new artists, those with existing perspective, and the well- established artists too. With PAKS Gallery exhibitions being in a number of countries and seen in different venues, art fairs art museums and artistic collaborations, the exposure benefits both the Artist and the Art Collectors as well.  The gallery’s art exhibitions are frequented by art collectors from around the world who travel to see the new stars and established names of the international art world.

The PAKS Gallery is known for sharing works of international Artists from around the world in categories such as photography, painting, sculpture, and mixed media art.



Image Courtesy: PAKS Gallery in Castle Hubertendorf  PAKS Gallery