Gala Awards Honors Photographer Manss Aval

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SAN DIEGO (December 14, 2015) – Professional photographer and visual artist MANSS AVAL of San Diego was presented with the UK-based Worldwide Photography Gala Awards Finalist title in the category of People at the prestigious Nomination of the Pollux Awards, 8th Edition, Sunday, December 13, 2015.   His entry was a series entitled: “Longing” consisting of five images: “At the Beach”, “Object of Desires’,Break’, “What’s Missing” and “Gini at Cafe de Paris”.

The 8th Pollux Awards’ pre-selection was done by JULIO HARDY and The Gala Awards’ curators team, and the juror of the final selection was FRANK MEO, based in New York and a renowned photographers’ agent.  Frank was former Director of Photography Assignments of Getty Images US, and is currently running the site who connects photographers with art buyers.

Over 9,000 images were submitted to the 8th Pollux awards, from 42 countries.

Pollux finalists will also be invited to participate in the 4th BIENNIAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY BERLIN 2016. This biennial is considered by industry insiders as perhaps one of the most important photographic exhibitions to be held in Europe in 2016.

MANSS AVAL was also selected as finalist for several other photos in the 7th edition of the Pollux Awards earlier in 2015. MANSS AVAL’s art and photography is gaining increasing recognition in the art world with over 30 prestigious international awards in 2015 alone. His work has been exhibited in over 70 international shows, including the Louvre in Paris. In the words of one critic, “Aval’s gripping photography always evokes deep emotions in the viewer”.  Another critic notes “Aval redefines the boundaries between photography and painting, creating powerful images, where the painting technique is inspired by the artifacts and camouflage effects of the camera”.

The selected Pollux Awards’ winning photographs will be posted on Gala Awards Gallery on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

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