Manss Aval Tempest for Change

Manss Aval: Galleria360 Art Review 2015

Manss Aval Tempest for ChangeIn April 2015 Artist Manss Aval was featured in the prestigious Galleria360’s Mostra collettiva Internation-ART exhibit in Italy. The Artist’s work, namely Tempest of Change was featured in the Galleria360 exhibit and attracted a tremendous amount of praise. The following is a review of Manss Aval’s Art  by the Galleria360.

Manss Aval is an artist with a multifaceted personality, able to quite
naturally go from photography to painting or mixed techniques. The wide
cultural background, where studies in media and communication interweave
constantly with a deep interest in the sciences, and continuously feeds his
creativity flowing in an imaginative grandeur capable of generating works of
great visual impact. In fact, the artist redefines the boundaries between
photography and painting, creating powerful images, where the painting
technique is inspired by the artifacts and camouflage effects of the camera.

The striking use of color, the skilled and breezy manipulation of reality,
producing floating and ambiguous images, imaginative utopias, where the
subjects have no longer definable limits and seem about to evaporate,
diluted in polychrome enveloping masses, or be swallowed by the swirling
chromatic dynamism. All Aval’s artworks are marked by an extremely vital
creative tension.

Galleria360 Arte Contemporanea, Firenze
Mostra collettiva “Internation-ART”, April 2015

A brochure of the gallery’s featured Artists and their amazing work can be seen here.